Kanto Elect believes that the services currently on offer from the big balloting companies aren’t good enough. We’re determined to offer more choice, so our services are all modular and can be chosen individually to create a system that provides the best balloting service for your organisation.


Printed & Postal Ballots

Our user-friendly online dashboard lets you create your own ballot paper. Drag and drop technology allows you to include your logo, photographs and any information you want to on your ballot paper.

Our secure printers include a host of security features on your ballot paper and our dispatch and return management functions ensure that the whole process runs smoothly.


Electronic Voting

Our brand new software ecosystem allows you to create and manage your ballot completely online. From our intuitive, easy to use ballot set-up through to our real-time ballot management dashboard, you’ll be in complete control.

Your voters will easily be able to follow the simple steps from receiving their authorisation code through to voting, meaning you get the maximum number of people taking part.


Best of Both

Our modular, best of both approach takes the most effective and secure elements of electronic voting and combines them with the most reliable elements of traditional balloting to create a unique, robust and secure balloting services ecosystem.

Our services are designed to be fully modular, so you can pick what you need to fit your organisation’s requirements exactly.



We can act as a fully independent scrutineer and returning officer to both manage the balloting process and provide your organisation with a full scrutineer report.

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